Wedding Boutique Madness

Good grief! No wonder so many women are buying their gowns online. Have you been hearing all this chatter about the meanness of bridal boutiques? Apparently, it's enough to make some brides turn their backs on these shops altogther. Filene's Running of the Brides is more popular than ever as women begin to suspect that the $6,000 gowns they got for $400 may never have been worth 6K to begin with. Afterall, many brides-to-be were looking for ways around "boutique-ish" prices, as demonstrated by THIS article on

And now it's come to this: Women being CHARGED to try on wedding dresses. Right now, it's only happening across the pond. But is it only a matter of time before this trend washes up on our shores? Shop owners say they don't have time to cater to women who aren't serious about buying a gown, or women who aren't even engaged but are trying on gowns "for fun". Read the full article HERE. Well there ARE ways to get around all the mayhem. And there are some very helpful bridal boutiques in every area. We'll have tips and more over the next few months.


Krista said...

I'd have never paid to try on dresses. I don't like that attitude. You're right, there are ways to discourage trying on brides for fun. One of the easiest ways is to require appointments. At least, I would think it would prevent "for fun" trying!

Rings said...

Online boutique are in trend now a of my friend shop her dress from online boutique but I am not sure of this concept.I also don't favor the concept of paying just to try dresses.What's your take on it?

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