Wedding Gown of the Day: Zanzis Bridal

by Zanzis Bridal

Vivienne Westwood Bridal

Vivienne Westwood's wedding gown was the most talked about couture piece from the Sex And The City movie a couple of years ago. But as glam as that gown was, it isn't the most interesting bridal dress Westwood makes. Her dramatic, Victorian style has become all the rage among edgier brides, so don't be surprised to see a lot more of this from other designers in the next year.

Something Blue?

Vintage cluster necklace by Lonkoosh

Preston Bailey's Glorious Spring Florals

Event designer Preston Bailey has a way with flowers. He truly makes them come alive by turning them into animals, a beautiful shelter, or whatever strikes his fancy. We love what he did for a Spring wedding this year using flowers, trees, Swarovski crystals and soft fabrics.

See more on Preston Bailey's inspiration blog.

Something Blue in Beaded Handbags

Moyna Bags
Style #1432

Return of the White Bouquet

Having a white bridal bouquet could be a great way to add another layer of elegance to a formal theme. Contrary to what you might think at first, having a white bouquet isn't limiting. Instead it opens up new ways to go wild! For example, choose from one of the many shades of white - stark white, eggshell, ivory, or cream - or mix them up. Add exotic greenery, leafy foliage or other botanical touches. Accent your bouquet with non-floral accessories such as feathers, faux pearls, and ribbons. Some popular flowers for white wedding bouquets are orchids, roses, calla lily, lily of the valley, anemones, white tiger lily, gladiolus, gardenia, stephanotis and freesia.

Luxe Ice Sculpting

Okamoto Studio does amazing things with frozen water. Take a look at the jaw-dropping ice sculptures that have made them a sensation in New York City, in the Hamptons, and points in-between.

Top left photo courtesy of Miss Jeffrey's Make Up

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