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Merry Christmas!

Do Guests Really Have A Year To Give Presents?

Maybe not!
We've all heard at some point that, according to etiquette, wedding guests have a year to give the newlyweds a gift. But, some etiquette experts say it would not only be wrong, but rude to wait a year to give someone a gift for ANY occasion. Could that be right? Have we all been lied to? Where did that misinformation come from? One theory is that some doubtful guests want to wait to make sure the couple stays together.

Read what JODI R. R. SMITH had to say about the year-to-give-a-gift rumor in the Boston Globe.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments section.

Wedding Dress of the Day

Alfred Sung

Wacky Wedding Picture of the Day

This wedding dress may not be your dream gown, although it did make headlines recently. But it IS squeezably soft! That's because it's made entirely of Charmin toilet paper. Katrina Chalifoux of Illinois won first-place in the nationwide Cheap and Chic Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. Frocks designed by the six finalists were unveiled yesterday at Ripley's Believe It or Not "Odditorium" in Times Square. Chalifoux says it took her two weeks to fashion moulded toilet paper into this white sheath with a raised flower pattern. Way to go.

Wedding Boutique Madness

Good grief! Have you been hearing all this chatter about the meanness of bridal boutiques? Apparently, it's enough to make some brides turn their backs on these shops altogther. Filene's Running of the Brides is more popular than ever as women begin to suspect that the $6,000 gowns they got for $400 may never have been worth 6K to begin with. So we already knew that many brides to be were looking for ways around "boutique-ish" prices, as demonstrated by THIS article on

And now it's come to this: Women being CHARGED to try on wedding dresses. Right now, it's only happening across the pond. But is it only a matter of time before this trend washes up on our shores? Shop owners say they don't have time to cater to women who aren't serious about buying a gown, or women who aren't even engaged but are trying on gowns "for fun". Read the full article HERE. Well there ARE ways to get around all the mayhem. We'll have more tips next week. Stay tuned.

Tell us about your experiences (good or bad) with bridal boutiques in our comments section!

Bridal Shoe of the Day: The Lily

Sure, these vintage-inspired slingbacks may seem out-of-season to the more traditional among us. But we're told that bridal shoes don't follow the same rules that govern regular fashion. Shelley George made these lovelies of satin and leather for a comfortable fit. And of course we love the antique-style brooch. Find out more about The Lily HERE.

Wacky Wednesday

When you have a dress made completely of fresh flowers...

...who needs a bouquet?

Wedding Cake of the Day

Feast your eyes on this confection.

It's a Double Chocolate Wedding Cake by Joy the Baker . Double yum. And if you think we're gaga over it, you should read Joy's description.

The New Black?

Alright, we're just going to say it right off the top. At the risk of stepping on the toes of the "goth" and the "ultra-trendy" crowds, this might be one of those trends for everyday brides to avoid. We're talking about the black wedding dress. It's true that several designers are sending black wedding gowns down the runway in their new collections.

Bridal on Pulteney owner Angela Sgarbossa tells AdelaideNow more brides are choosing non-traditional colors. "It's a generation that has paid their own way, and are used to making decisions for themselves... The modern bride is veering from tradition and choosing dresses that make them feel attractive and reflect their personal style, from black and red to deep green and brown."

Jessica Alba was among one of the first actresses to try this trend on for size. Here's a pic:

But keep in mind that a Hollywood starlet may have many more weddings to repair the damage. And yes, it may seem avant garde right now but what will you think when you see your wedding pictures 5 or 10 years from now? There are lots of other ways to show your indie bride (or anti-bride) streak. Don't let your walk down the aisle resemble a walk on the dark side.

But that's just our opinion. Disagree? Don't just go away mad. Leave us a comment below!

Here Come The Crumb Catchers

We would love to know what you think about this trend that came out last season, but is just beginning to pick up steam (read: it's showing up in places OFF the runway.) We're talking about the "crumb catcher" wedding dresses being made by several designers including Amsale and Kenneth Pool. Whether simple or dramatic, these gowns with fluted bodices are part of the continuing quest for new shapes in wedding dresses.

So what do you think? Is this style a hit or a miss? Could it work on the right bride?

Drops & Chandeliers

How can you make a big impact with just a little effort? With jewelry, of course. Take a look at some of the newest dangle and chandelier earrings made just for brides.

Cristal D'Or
Cristal D'Or Earrings 6112

Erica Koesler
Erica Koesler Earrings J-9035

UNO Jewelry Earrings 380-9

En Vogue
En Vogue Accessories Earrings E742

Full Line
Cinderella Collection Earrings 77041

Full Line Collection Earrings 1235

Full Line Collection Earrings ER6-912R

Flower Girl Dresses

Let your little attendants shine! We spotted some new fashions that we think will help your flower girl look as fresh as a petal. (Click on the pics for more information.)

Shelley George

Jessica McClintock

Jesssica McClintock 25020 HALEY Flower Girl Dress

Jordan Flower Girl Dress L244

Forever Yours
Forever Yours Flower Girl Dress 26204Forever Yours Flower Girl Dress 28202

Tiny Tot Shop


Venus Little Maiden Flower Girl Dress 3357

Top Honeymoon Resort Recommendations for the U.S.

With everyone wanting to save money and stay close to home, honeymoon travel is focusing on the U.S. mainland. The Honeymooner's Review Guide unveiled its list of the top honeymoon resorts for 2008. The travel experts who helped to come up with the list say there are high costs overseas, but bargains here at home. Here's the list of resorts they suggest brides- and grooms-to-be check out if they don't want to break the bank:

Avalon Luxury Bed & Breakfast - Sonoma Valley, California
Bellagio, Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Nevada
Berry Springs Lodge Bed and Breakfast - Sevierville , Tenn
Blue Lake Ranch - Hesperus, Colorado
Carneros Inn - Napa, California
Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing - Branson, Missouri
Inn at Palmetto Bluff - Bluffton, South Carolina
Inn of the Five Graces - Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Inn at Bowman's Hill - New Hope, Pennsylvania
The Tides Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida

Non-Traditional Wedding Registries

We know a lot of you have thought about it: ditching your towel and china-laden registries for something you really want. The fact is, more and more couples are going for it! is reporting that more couples than ever are setting up registries to pay for a great honeymoon or fancy furniture. The idea is that people are getting married so much later than they used to that many couples already own the necessities listed on traditional registries. What do you think about this trend? Tacky or not? Let us know in the comments section.

Splashes of Color

Remember when wedding accessories were WHITE? Just white? Well, you could have gotten bold with a dash of rhinestones or a streak of silver. But mostly guestbooks, flower girl baskets, and ring pillows were pretty much... white. Now things are changing, with brides carrying their color schemes all the way through their accessories.

Here's a look at a few colorful accessories:

When the color is black...

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