Luxe Hair Jewelry from Regina B

Gorgeous candy for the hair from Regina B.

Prices are from $95 to $355

LaCroix Wedding Gown in Harper's Bazaar

Dita Von Teese, wearing an haute couture Christian Lacroix wedding gown in the Russian Harper's Bazaar.

Lucky Paperie

If you could create your dream wedding stationery, what would it look like? Melanie Carter gets to answer that question everyday as the owner of Lucky Paperie. For her boutique she chooses modern, hand-crafted letterpress designs for keepsakes like invitations, placecards, menus, and ceremony programs. Those creations can then be customized with a variety of materials such as satin ribbon, monograms, and sparkles.

Even though the Georgia-based boutique is making a splash in the wedding industry, Lucky Paperie actually offers paper goods for all occasions. See more online.

Cheryl Coles Headpiece

We were tipped off to today's gorgeous find by the very awesome FashionFindsUK. Take a look at this stunning headpiece designed by Cheryl Coles and sold by
Louis Mariette

Images from Saturday night's "X Factor".

Find of the Day: Deco Claudette necklace

Divine Deco Claudette Necklace
by EM Bridal

Bridesmaids: The Ava Gardner Dress

Today's bridesmaid dress is called the Ava Gardner Dress. It is made of silk shantung and duppioni by Siri

Wedding Gown of the Day

Today's wedding dress is a custom creation by Australian dressmaker Jill and Jack Design.

Foto Friday: Dance of Love

"Lisa & Yair"
Courtesy of Blue World Studios

More Vintage-Inspired Wedding Gowns

Looking for a new, but vintage-y wedding gown? The vintage-inspired dress boutique Unique Vintage has some great looks that fall under that category. There's lots of wonderful satin, tulle, and detailed beading. Here are a few of our favorite Unique Vintage finds:

Wedding Dress of the Day: Amy Jo Tatum

This is a gorgeous halter dress called "Mira" from the Amy Jo Tatum Bridal collection. It's crafted of fine silk chiffon and chantilly lace with a full crinoline petticoat.

Photography by Stephanie Williams

Fall Wedding Table

Fall wedding table inspiration from Minoo Hersini at Au Ciel Design Studio

Gift for the Groom: The Obama Watch

Here at WeddingLuxe, we were thrilled to get to try out the new Jorg Gray timepiece. It's the Commemorative Edition of the Jorg Gray 6500 watch President Obama often wears. The President has been photographed while wearing the watch to several events, including the inaugural swearing-in and the signing of his first presidential proclamation. We didn't know what to expect until we received one, but in all honesty we were genuinely impressed with the quality.
The first thing you'll notice is the thick, scratch-resistant crystal covering the watch's handsome face. The band is made of smooth Italian buffalo leather, while the casing is made of polished stainless steel. It's definitely one of those special gifts one might consider for a best man or groomsman. But considering the Obama's enduring marriage, it would be a purrrrfect gift for a groom! What man wouldn't love to receive this watch from his bride and show it off to his friends?

You can see the rest of the line at
Commemorative Edition Jorg Gray 6500

Find of the Day: Something Blue

London blue topaz, aquamarine and sterling silver necklace
by ArchaicDesign

A Stitch in Time: The Kennedy Wedding Dress

Quick! Who wore the most photographed wedding dress in history? As some of you already know, it was Jacqueline Bouvier when she married John F. Kennedy. But did you know that the the person who made that world-famous gown was African-American designer Ann Lowe? Lowe (pictured on the left) was born in Alabama in 1898. Her mother designed clothes for the wife of the Governor of Alabama. Ann followed in her footsteps by designing for other wealthy ladies in the area. But in the early 1900's she enrolled in beauty school in New York. Later, she worked on commission for upscale stores and designed for several upper-crust New Yorkers. In 1946 she designed the dress that actress Olivia de Havilland wore when she accepted her Academy Award. But she's best known for this ivory, silk, and taffeta creation:

It's the gown Miss Bouvier chose for her 1953 nuptials to the future president. Toast and Strawberries has a fantastic description of the dress and the wedding.

Now, more than a half century later, the dress is housed in the Kennedy Library in Boston, MA. So, now you know the story.

Handmade Bridal Shoes: DiKusa

Why are handmade goods so popular for weddings right now? Part of the reason is that they allow a lot of room for customization and personalization. But they also impart a quality that makes them suitable for heirlooms and "handing down". We were intrigued recently when we heard about companies focusing on handmade bridal shoes. One of them is DiKusa, which features intricate designs using hand-beading, embroidery, Swarovski crystals, and rhinestones.

See more at DiKusa's website by clicking below.

10 Questions to Slash Your Guest List

If only we could invite everyone we remotely know to our wedding receptions. We wouldn't have to worry about leaving anyone out. But couples are having smaller gatherings these days for a myriad of reasons and cutting down the guest list is almost never an easy task. So, how do you narrow down your ever-growing roster? Some brides-to-be are using a helpful article published by called "Should You Be Invited to My Wedding?" It has 10 questions for potential guests- questions that should keep you from paying $75 per head for people you don't know or aren't very close to. Now, we don't really recommending posing these questions to people in real life. But you can certainly consider whether the people in question could answer these queries about you:

1) Name the city I'm living in now.

2) Name at least two of my closest friends.

3) Name my current employer and my past employer.

4) Do I have any kids?

5) Do you know the name of my fiancé? Bonus question: Where and when did we meet?

6) Do you know where my parents are and whether they are still alive?

7) Name at least two of my hobbies.

8) How old am I?

9) Where did I go to college? (Some people might not remember whether you attended college or even graduated.)

10) Name my last boyfriend before this engagement. Bonus question: if you can name the last two and why we broke up. If you get the bonus question right, that might automatically get you in.

According to the article, anyone scoring 50 percent or below should be left off the list. But what do you think? Should your wedding guests know who you are or is it OK to open the guest list to friends of friends?

Chic Wedding Accessory: Moyna Bridal Bag

So, you want to carry a modern clutch bag with a vintage feel on your wedding day. Or maybe you haven't thought about it that deeply just yet, but let's say you do. We found at least one bag, and there are probably lots of others, that would fit the bill. We're in love with this beaded, silk clutch by Moyna.

$200. It's show here in grey, but it comes in several other colors including ivory. See more bridal styles on Moyna's Web site.

Wedding Dress of the Day: Oh, Oscar!

Oscar De La Renta
Spring 2010

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers:

Traditional wedding cake toppers - those timeless man-and-woman icons - have fallen in and out of favor with brides-to-be in the last few years. But the ability to customize those figurines is making cake toppers part of the modern vintage movement. One of our readers recently sent us images of these adorable toppers from

Each piece is individually crafted and handpainted. You get to choose clothing, hair color, bouquet, and the design of the base. Love it!

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