The New Black?

Alright, we're just going to say it right off the top. At the risk of stepping on the toes of the "goth" and the "ultra-trendy" crowds, this might be one of those trends for everyday brides to avoid. We're talking about the black wedding dress. It's true that several designers are sending black wedding gowns down the runway in their new collections.

Bridal on Pulteney owner Angela Sgarbossa tells AdelaideNow more brides are choosing non-traditional colors. "It's a generation that has paid their own way, and are used to making decisions for themselves... The modern bride is veering from tradition and choosing dresses that make them feel attractive and reflect their personal style, from black and red to deep green and brown."

Jessica Alba was among one of the first actresses to try this trend on for size. Here's a pic:

But keep in mind that a Hollywood starlet may have many more weddings to repair the damage. And yes, it may seem avant garde right now but what will you think when you see your wedding pictures 5 or 10 years from now? There are lots of other ways to show your indie bride (or anti-bride) streak. Don't let your walk down the aisle resemble a walk on the dark side.

But that's just our opinion. Disagree? Don't just go away mad. Leave us a comment below!


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