The Sand Ceremony

According to our wedding-watchers, more and more couples are using the Sand Ceremony- also known as the Unity Sand Ceremony- in their nuptials. Why is this trend becoming so popular? Well, there are several reasons. The sand ceremony has all the sentiment of the unity candle. But the sand ceremony is more practical than the unity candle for outdoor weddings. How many brides and grooms have struggled to light a unity candle wick only to have it repeatedly blown out by the breeze? Another reason this tradition is taking off is because sand ceremonies can involve other people, like children, who will be part of a blended family.

During the ceremony the couple takes turns pouring different colors of sand from small vases into a center vase as the officiant reads a poem or blessing, until all of the sand is in the center vase. This symbolizes a union-- two becoming one. In some instances, children are allowed to take part by reciting a line from the reading and pouring sand as well. After the wedding, the finished sand-filled vase can be displayed in your home as a keepsake.
What do you need to pull this off? Not much:

A nice glass vase
2 smaller vases holding colored sand (one will be used by the bride, the other for the groom)
Colored sand to match your theme. Or not.
Rose petals (optional)
A poem, reading or blessing

We found these sets at Someday Treasures and My Spiritual Wedding

If children are involved you can lay coins around the center vase and give them coins at the end of the sand ceremony.
Try these Gold Unity Coins

Rose petals are a nice touch. We like these from Pick A Petal.

But they're completely optional. Feel free to experiement with other floral accents like bougainvillea petals

or lavender buds.

Have you seen the sand ceremony done differently? Or do you want to add your own spin to it? Tell us all about it in our comments section. Also, if you're already married, feel free to submit pictures from your own sand or unity candle ceremony.


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